I am very pleased with how the last couple weeks have been, if you read my last post I weighed in at 274 which is quite above the goal of 1.9 pounds per week. The first week of a diet is always so uplifting, and it is important to ride that wave. I'm sure we have all heard the "well, that's water weight" or "it's probably just mind over matter" or my personal favorite "you know that won't last"...DO NOT LET THOSE GET TO YOU. Treat every week like the first week, if you lose a pound or gain a pound, make sure you celebrate and learn from it all. It will do wonders for your mental health!

The biggest changes for me so far have been...

  1. Water Intake, I have really upped my game here. I am up to just over 2 litres a day and climbing. I cannot impress on myself how important hydration is, so this has been a focus for me.

  2. Alcohol - it has been 2 weeks since I have consumed any form of alcohol. I wasn't a drink everyday person but if I had beer in the house, I would drink it. Two a night would not be uncommon during the week. On weekends I would add in some highballs on top of my beer intake. Now if you know me you know I am not a fall down drunk sorta guy, but I do not look at beer as alcohol, I treat those like most would treat pop. Please note I DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. if you know know

  3. Cravings - greatly have reduced, I can go longer now without thinking of takeout or start that grazing through my cupboards. The hardest day was actually this past Saturday evening when all I could think about was Pizza 73 Wings. My stomach ached for them but I overcame it.

  4. Time - for me I do best when things are structured so I try to eat my meals at the same time everyday.

Overall, I am very pleased with my week

CHRISTMAS BAKING SEASON...(insert foreboding music)

By now I would be thinking of all the treats I am going to bake for the holiday season. In the past I would pick days that I would have friends over to bake up an absolute storm of goodies. The sheer amount of food and money that would be used is scary, 2 kinds of sausage rolls, many types of squares, different kinds of shortbread and cookies....oh the cookies. Then repeat all this as I try to make as many vegan options as I can. (look up the scene from The Shining where Hallorann takes Wendy through the freezer, thats me after I'm done Christmas baking)

My goal for this year is to limit how much I make and really take note of the ingredients that I am using. Covid times will make it so I cannot have these big baking weekends with friends, which might be a blessing in disguise. This will be a challenge because Christmas is my jam, I love all the treats, drinks and meals associated...stay tuned on that haha.

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