So as I mentioned in my last blog, I am going to change things up. the reason being is that when I focus all my energy on losing weight, it doesn't happen. I have come up with some fun things to set as goals for the week and month. Being more present in living my life, will enable overall improvement of physical and mental health. Also my Bowflex stationary bike is due to be delivered on February 24..Finally!! I am super excited to add biking goals to my weekly and monthly self-challenges. So below is the fun goals I will attempt over a day, week or month (fyi the week started yesterday. Monday to Monday). If you like this format let me know! Join in if you want or if you liked the old format of weekly weigh ins with updates on how and what I eat let me know that as well in the comments.

Here is the list of fun goals/challenges, some will seem simple which I will modify as we go, I will verify if it is a daily, weekly or monthly challenge. I will update when goal or challenge has been reached!

  1. Make something from scratch (doesn't have to be food related) (weekly challenge)

  2. Don't use the dishwasher for 7 days

  3. Drink 20 liters of water (weekly challenge)

  4. Eat 30 different plant based foods (weekly challenge)

  5. Eat 0 animal based products (weekly challenge)

  6. Try something new (weekly challenge)

  7. Do a 1000 stairs (weekly challenge) note: this was a 100 in a week but I hit that pretty quick at home over the weekend. The way I record this is, I have 13 steps going up to my second floor and I put a pen and post it and just do a tick for ever time I go up. So it take trips up the stairs 77 times to reach the 1000 stairs in the 7 day period.

  8. Do something for the environment (weekly challenge )

  9. Check in on someone (daily challenge) even if its yourself, but say the words out loud, in a mirror if possible.

  10. 3 days no social media

  11. Wear fitbit (daily challenge)

  12. No alcohol (weekly challenge)

  13. Read 100 pages of a book (weekly challenge) for some of you I know this will be done in a day lol, me...not so much

So there ya go, join me if you like and I will post as things come off the list.

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