Well would you look at that, in only my second weigh in since I started my journey to lose 100 pounds in a year, I have lost almost 10 pounds!! Heck, I'll be done in 20 weeks, right?.....No

No, and there are all kinds of reasons why. I am sure there are all kinds of scientific reasons why I am having early success and there is plenty of scientific reason why this level of success will not and should not continue.

Let me take you back to 1990, I was a hefty 300 pounds and knew I needed to do something quick so I jumped on the Nutrisystem diet. The plan was simple, I went into a Nutrisystem location every week, did a weigh in and bought food from their 'little on-site grocery store'. Never spoke with a nutritionist or dietitian, never spoke with a group of other folks and never spoke to a fitness expert. Just paid for my food and got a slick fridge magnet that had whatever accumulative weight I lost on it, I got down to 180 pounds and received my fridge magnet that said "Wow, you've lost 120 pounds!!". Within a month I was crippled over in the employee bathroom at the Zellers in Bonnie Doon Mall in pain that is hard to describe, I would guess being stabbed is similar. So off I went to the emergency department of the Charles Camsel (a blast from the past for some of you) and was being told that my Gall Bladder was near rupture. In surgery within the hour, it was successful and I have quite the scar to show for it (this was before staples and before the belly button method). I remember the doctor asking me "what the hell have you put your body through?" and I told him that I lost the 120 pounds in 6 months...well let me tell you, he gave me shit. He didn't sugar coat the fact that what I did to my body was dangerous and all but guaranteed that I would gain it all back...

Between 1991 and 2004 I did gain the weight back, I hovered between 285 and 310 for a lot of years. In 2004 I started working at my current job, it was a physical job that I quite enjoyed and noticed that I was naturally losing weight slowly (got down to 220) over years not months and I was looking 'fit'. By 2009 I moved into Management and stopped moving as the job was now behind a desk, well guess what happened...

By the end of 2016 I had been up and down between 250 and 280 and was getting married in July of 2017 so between eating right, timing my eating correctly (intermittent fasting) and exercise I started over once again . January 1 2017 I weighed 298, by June 30 I weighed 247 and felt good. I could walk/hike a fair distance and cycle pretty far. This would have lasted if I didn't give up on myself and that's I did. For whatever reason I took the path to unhealthy satisfaction (overeating) and a sedentary life style, so though I get the early success is super exciting I fear what is ahead of me. How do I push through the weeks I only lose a pound or the weeks I feel deprived from my right to eat what I want. I wanted to share how long this journey has been part of my life. I am blessed with the best extended family, my Sister in Law is in the Health Care field with a University level degree in nutrition/dietitian ( I hope I have that correct) and she is always there to lend an ear to give me educated advice. Success is about the amount of work you're willing to put in but to also be humble enough to ask for help. If there is ever hesitation about asking for help then maybe its time to look at who is around you.

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