Updated: Dec 5, 2020

It's amazing what can change once you've checked in on yourself. That was a rough couple weeks but as you can see by today's weigh in, things are strongly back on track. I have the luxury of having a very talented and intelligent Sister in Law who, with an University Graduate level education as a Registered Dietitian, gives me very honest and factual support. There are not many people I trust more than her.

So what changed to set my mental health back on track this week? Let me tell ya!

  1. My Son, I helped him move into his first place over the weekend. I was so worried about the area and didn't know the condition of the house he was going to be living in. I was worried about him needing more parenting and so on. But once I saw everything, a lot of doubt and worry was lifted.

  2. My Mum and the passing of her brother (My Uncle) , once I had a chance to talk with my mum and could see (at a safe distance of course) that she was doing ok I knew that I could start my grieving process.

  3. Work, if you recall a past post, I said that work was not feeling right. For those who follow me but don't specifically know me, I work for a large Courier Company. This time of year should be super busy, with the days flying by but that wasn't the case. Well it finally hit, we are getting pumped with record volume and it feels normal, some might say it's odd to want to be this busy but I am not a big fan of change and I take my planning very seriously. So to see it all come to fruition is what calms me down.

  4. Hobbies, I have some things I like doing and they really give me the break I need. Friday nights are colouring nights. No TV, some music and my wife and I will colour for hours. I have also found my son's guitar which he doesn't use anymore so I may consider getting back into music. It has been a while but I am musically inclined so hopefully I can rekindle that.

I know life isn't perfect and that mental health is like a roller coaster but with the right safety equipment and trust in other people the ride can be manageable. I still think a 100 pound loss is possible but a focus on my overall health is so important. I saw a story on Instagram where someone was talking about a client of theirs who also is working on losing 100 pounds. The person had the best reaction, she said, "girl, you don't even know if you'll like being 100 pounds lighter, you don't know how you'll feel and there is a chance you may not like how you look. Focus on losing 1 pound, evaluate, lose another, evaluate" And of course my Sister in Law Teresa at my side reminding me about overall health and wellness, this roller coaster is not so scary. I would also like to appreciate some other friends that have been supporting me from the start. Amber, the 2 Chelseys, Hazel, Marissa and Krystin , if you read this, thank you so much. And to all my other readers and followers, thank you for joining me on this journey. Julie, thanks for being my partner and voice of reason.

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