First, i would like to give you an update on my week. I'm actually feeling great, no bloating, fatigue not as bad, eating habits are finally on track and exercise is improving.

Laziness and Excuses go hand in hand. Let me paint a picture of how I was before I started this 100 pound year journey.

Monday -try to get back on the eating well trend, I always eat better at work anyways because I have meal prepped for all 5 days...Excuse number 1...I tell myself this because I firmly believe that I don't have any self-control when I am at home alone. That's ok though, I will work out tonight and get some of those calories off, no problem...Laziness number 1...Its Monday, I had more work to do because Mondays are usually a busy day and I know when I get home I will be tired so I won't work out tonight. So bath it is and hope I don't snack myself into oblivion.

Tuesday - legit, Tuesday is one of my best days of the week, my days worth of food is on point and I'm still excited for my pre-prepped meals, so I can have a beer tonight, right?....Excuse number 2....when I do have a beer its never one, its not 6 but its usually 2 or 3. Day over...I'm now sitting on the couch with some beer....Laziness number 2, because lets be honest, I'm not exercising now.

Wednesday - pre-COVID times there was always a chance of wing wednesday. It was a socializing event as we could always get some friends or family to join us. For me wing wednesday was a combination of my worst habits, food entitlement, excuses, eating in excess and drinking in excess. I was even able to turn good choices into terrible ones in a snap of a finger. For example, If I drive myself then I can only have a beer (which is on sale on wednesday as well) get a good table and wait for people to arrive, good choice...Excuse number 3...Since I arrived before others did, I would order some food to eat in private, the evidence would be gone before they arrived, I would pay that one dish so no one would see. OR! I would wait for my wife to get home from her day at work and drive us there so I could have more beer, which would turn into more food. Usually 4 pounds of wings and some bites off of what my wife had ordered. Logically I had the time to workout before going for wings...Laziness number 3...I didn't, not for any tangible reason, I just didn't.

Thursday through to Sunday...Excuse number 4/Laziness number 4, well I f**ked up the whole week, I'll start again Monday.

Monday - repeat...

In one typical week I have used Excuse and Laziness 8 times as reasons for poor health. I don't even have to wonder why I am in the situation I am now. And that plays into the guilt I felt just because I had no self-control, no motivation and clearly did not care about myself enough not to do it.

How do you all feel about that, does it hit home for some of you? Have you conquered this beast, if so, that is awesome!! I would love to know what weapon you used! It is tough, the more lazy I am the less I can do physically, the less I can do, the closer I get to losing things I hold most dear. NO MORE EXCUSES.

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