So we made it through 2020, we battled hard through the tough times and still are in the trenches. Any of you that have been personally touched by COVID know that my thoughts are with you.

How have I started 2021 you ask? Well let me tell ya

  1. Bought a Bowflex C6 Exercise bike (should arrive in the next few weeks)

  2. Have made a commitment to up my Plant based lifestyle game. My goal is to lower my environmental foot print even more. How you ask? Firstly, more homemade/scratch made foods. Second, purchase less items that are in packages which will include anything over processed. Yes, even plant based/vegetarians/vegans consume to much over processed foods. Third, try to reduce out going waste, IE more blue bags then black bags. Also, no more food waste. only buy what we need and use it. Water, for the love of dog drink more water.

In reference to my last blog, 2021 will be a year of change and growth. I will want to share as much as I can with my readers but sometimes stories that will be told are not always our stories to tell. I really appreciated all of the support from friends who checked in to make sure I was all right.

Some people asked if I wanted to stop weighing in and blogging so I could eat and drink with out any guilt over the holiday season. The short answer is no, like I said I needed to 100% focus on something but only had so much percentage available to give it. Something had to be put on hold while I focused. Now that the 'busy' season is done at work and can spread around my focus points and give everything I got to 2021

I feel like my next weigh in will be Friday, I will come in heavier then I would like but my resolve will out weigh anything. I'm glad to back and hope you enjoy future blogs and as always thank you for all of the support and love.

P.S. I have had an underlying goal to live an Island lifestyle that I will be working on, even though I am land locked lol. Life slowed down, appreciate the little things, explore, love, understand, accept and live for every moment big or little.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

– Jimmy Buffett

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