I hope everyone had a great week, for those of you that read my last blog and joined me on some of the challenges I hope you had fun. I would love to know what you did so let me know!! now for my results

  1. Make something from scratch - nothing to exciting but I did make hummus.

  2. Don't use the dishwasher for 7 days - COMPLETE

  3. Drink 20 liters of water in a week - I got to 18

  4. Eat 30 different plant based foods - I got to 20, this is harder than you think. I will do some more research on what I can add to the list

  5. Eat 0 animal products - I had a small amount of cream in a Hello Fresh meal we ordered

  6. Try something new - I signed up to be a contributor on Shutterstock, they have accepted 1 picture so far. I like this because they explain why a photo was not accepted so if I was to buy a camera at some point i will know what I need

  7. Do a 1000 stairs - got to 650. I thought just my daily life would be enough to get to a 1000 but clearly I have some work to do lol.

  8. Do something for the environment. I drove our hybrid car to work instead of our Jeep

  9. Check in on someone daily - done! also had some requests from friends.

  10. 3 days no social media - Fail lol I thought I could do this but sometimes its like muscle memory to just click on the app

  11. Wear Fitbit - I wore it 4 of 7 days. I just plain forgot to put it on some days

  12. No alcohol - I had 6 beers over 4 days

  13. Read 100 pages of a book - go to 60

I have had some friends and followers ask if I have abandoned losing 100 pounds, the easy answer is no. I believe that weight loss can be tied to a great many things and that's why I will still lose 100 pounds this year but it will be 100 pounds of doubt, 100 pounds of low expectations, 100 pounds of laziness, 100 pounds of unnecessary waste. Weight loss will happen!

There were 2 AdHoc things I did this week to add to the list:

  1. Gave up my dependency on Metamucil - this, I am proud to say, I have accomplished

  2. The need for antacids - I normally would have 2 to 4 tums everyday, this week I had 4 all week.

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