I will start by stating when talking about addiction I realize that it is tough and people that have been diagnosed with addiction issues are working very hard to overcome it. I take your fight seriously.

We are a biological machine, we require fuel (food), rest (sleep), stimulation (brain) and movement (exercise). Those needs should be as basic and simple as possible...right? Movement - in our First World existence we have evolved into not needing to hunt for our daily meal, which means our need to move to survive has also evolved, it has become voluntary. Rest - if you're like a lot of us, we are not very far away from our connected devices at any given time. Wake up, check to see what happened overnight, possibly while still laying in bed. Get Coffee going, look at phone or turn a computer. Eat breakfast while scrolling and so on through out the day. Then comes bedtime, time to rest for tomorrow's hunt, oh wait we don't need to do that...let's see whats happening on the ole cell phone. Stimulation - we are bombarded by many types of stimulation, media, work, family just for example. When we were hunters and gathers I would guess that a typical days stimulation would be an odd scent in the air, something off in the distance, playing with your family or other members of your group and preparing for the days hunt. Today we have Internet, which hooks to our TV's, Computers, cell phones and even our vehicles. To say we are over-stimulated is an understatement. And finally, Fuel - the food we eat everyday just so we can live. To survive, we need a basic combination of nutrients. Those Nutrients are very easy for us to obtain, in some fashion are another.

So why, for the love of dog, do I overeat? FOOD ADDICTION. If the above is so simple I should be able to control myself...NOT! I can eat, its alarming what I can eat. Now I am not talking about food competitor type overeating, I am talking about the sheer amount of food I can eat from when I wake up to when I go to bed. I think about food when I wake up, what delicious food do I have available to me and I go eat it. Then my wife will come down and say "hey, I'm making breakfast, want some?" So instead of a normal reaction of no thanks I've eaten, I say what are you making? If it is something I like I will eat that as well. By this time I have already planned out my lunch and what I would need to go buy. I go to the grocery store get what I want and then buy some snacks for the afternoon (usually Jalapeno Cheddar chips and chocolate). Ok, damn it I have not eaten well today I better have a reasonable dinner at a reasonable time, my wife will have to make her own supper when she gets home....Wife calls after I have had that reasonable supper and says "hey I'm going out for dinner, want to join us?" Again, the normal reaction should be, sounds great, but I have eaten. Instead I ask "where are you going? Ya sure I'll go, sounds great!". I do this because I'm ENVIOUS that I am going to miss out on a meal that I like even though clearly I have eaten A LOT of food in the day so far.

In this journey I want to shift my mindset of food to one of, eating to fuel, and not eating to comfort or satisfy. This will be tough for me because of how a reward myself with food, and let's be honest I don't reward myself with carrot sticks...

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