Good day all, I hope you had a great week! FYI there will be some talk about poop so if that's not your thing, I apologize.

I may have mentioned in a previous blog that back in 1990 I had to have my gallbladder removed. Since then I have had bowel movement issues. I have done some research and read as much as I could find about living without a gallbladder. For years and years I had digestion problems, bloating problems, inconsistent bowel movements and for a time constipation. I turned to Metamucil and for the many, many years I used it, my bowel movements were easy and consistent. But...there were times where I could barely make it to a bathroom safely, especially if I ate out. I just chalked this up to not having a gallbladder. More recently, as in the last 6 months, I was seeing some other changes...like chronic heartburn and even worse...(sorry for the TMI) a smelly belly button with discharge, like all the time, no matter how much I showered. Obviously I was becoming very self conscience of it and my spouse was having to point it out. That's embarrassing as heck. I am not the type of person to run to the doctor, I did some more research to see if this was possibly related to not having a gallbladder...it is not, who was I trying to fool there eh. We get to 3 weeks ago when I quit Metamucil cold turkey, for some context, if I missed a day of Metamucil I would have to deal with irregular stools and stomach pain and feel like I had to get back on as soon as I could, basically I was addicted. 3 weeks without Metamucil and eating more fibrous whole foods and increased the water intake my bowel movements are normal, without pain, without surprise diarrhea and no bloating. No heart burn and my belly button as returned to normal. I had it lodged in my brain that I had to take Metamucil to feel 'normal', a complete mental block and unwillingness to trust a diet change has me feeling like I have lost some years. I feel completely different but in a very positive way.

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