The above words are meaningful in many ways, they are also as individual as all of us. When it comes to my eating and exercise habits they are what I think most about, and, they are what I need to work on the most. So with that being said, as of right now my new weigh in day will be Mondays. Why you ask? I'll tell ya, ACCOUNTABILITY! When I weigh in on a Friday I automatically think that my weekend is free and clear, I don't have to think about when I eat, what I eat or why I'm eating. I can just make sure that the train is back on the tracks for Monday and by the next Friday I will be down the 1.9 pounds, oh and hey, lets make Sundays full on cheat days. Where could I be if I just showed a little DISCIPLINE and took that ACCOUNTABILITY. So with the breeze blowing towards complete transparency...I had a tough weekend and by Sunday night was making every excuse why it was ok to eat whatever I wanted and how much I wanted. It is not fun to feel guilt that you've brought on yourself, If you read my Food Entitlement Blog you'll get what I'm saying. Weighing in on Mondays will be a great challenge, it will keep me disciplined and accountable.

The more I write, the more I realize, that the amount of people that I probably know personally who worry about where their families next meal is coming from and feel guilt for not providing enough really puts my guilt into perspective. Please know I recognize that.

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